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Chiefs Not Expected To Budge On Jarrad Page Anytime Soon

Your daily Jarrad Page update...

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star lays some perspective to the situation between the Chiefs and safety Jarrad Page. I've heard the very believable rumors (as recently as yesterday) that Page wants out of Kansas City -- his actions (or lack thereof) would suggest that -- and Teicher says it's "safe to assume" that he wants out.

Like the Larry Johnson and Brian Waters situations last year, the Chiefs are going to make sure they're not setting a precedent with angry or upset players.

With Waters, they let the situation simmer and things eventually got worked out. But they didn't talk about trading him. LJ pouted and got cut but his situation was a little different since his release could be justified by his on-the-field performance.

Page, like Waters, is a good player. And the Chiefs kept Waters likely because he had something to offer the team so I wouldn't count Page out just yet (though keeping him seems less and less likely). Page, unlike Waters, has players ready to roll at his position.

The Chiefs seemingly aren't ready to part ways with Page just because he wants out.

"That's not a message Pioli wants to send and it's why this situation could continue for some time before Page, like so many other Edwards draft picks before him, hits the door," Teicher writes.

Page, by the way, would be the 15th Herm Edwards draft pick out the door if he were to be released.

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