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Jovan Belcher Says Chiefs Are Excited For Monday Night Football Opener

Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher talked with Soren Petro on the Chiefs Red Zone Podcast on Wednesday. Belcher wasn't in a particularly revealing mode so he didn't give up much information. Here are a few interesting things they talked about:

  • He likes Gary Gibbs, linebackers coach
  • Willing to help out the young guys that are trying to take his job
  • Guys on the team are already talking about the Monday Night Football opener

More highlights after the jump.

On the 3-4 last year vs now:

A 3-4 is a 3-4. Everyone just has their own philosophy of it. It's really a philosophy thing. Some critiques there and some here but it's still a 3-4 defense.

On linebackers coach Gary Gibbs:

He may seem real laid back but he's pretty passionate about the game as well. He's also great in the classroom. He makes sure you know your stuff.

On the Chiefs not drafting anyone for the front seven:

I'd have to say yes [that makes me confident] but we just need to keep working. The whole front seven and everyone else has to keep working.

On being worried about a young guy taking his job:

No, competition is competition but in the end you still need to work hard and do your job. You have to help out the young guys, too.

You give pointers here and there and help them out with technique where you can.

On the Monday Night Football opener:

That gets you real excited right there. You're coming out ready for that game. There's no not being ready. You know everyone is watching and you can really showcase what you've got.

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