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No One Seems To Know What's Going On With Chiefs S Jarrad Page

Throughout April and May folks were asking me what I thought was going to happen with Chiefs S Jarrad Page. He hadn't signed his tender or showed up to any of the Chiefs offseason program.

My guess was that he would eventually sign. My reasoning was that he was the last to sign his tender last year (on May 29th) so he was going through a similar process this year.

Apparently that's not the case. The Chiefs were eligible to reduce Page's tender by about $60,000 as of Monday night but it's unclear if they took that action. It's unclear because it seems no one is talking about the Page situation and no one seems to know what's going on.

Pro Football Talk recently posted a blurb titled: "Trying to figure out Jarrad Page's absence"

They suggest that Page is trying to get released and at this point that seems to be the only answer.

There are a dozen other restricted free agents who have yet to sign their tender but for the most part the issues with those players are known.

At least the Chiefs can be happy that Page isn't leaking his side of the story (even though I think he should be).

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