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Todd Haley Turns A Corner

I was listening to 610 Sports' Nick Wright this afternoon and while he had some words on the, ahem, thriftiness of the Chiefs (more on that later), he also said he's had conversations recently that indicate to him that Todd Haley has turned the corner as a head coach.

Last year, as Wright says, Haley had reason to be overwhelmed: New job, dual role as coach and coordinator and already behind the eight ball being hired late among those reasons.

"500 times more chill," Wright says of the 2010 version of Haley. "Actually coaching them. The team really struggled in the red zone. Todd sat down with the receivers and the quarterbacks for 45 minutes with the film and a clicker and actually talked, something we missed last year."

There's definitely a different feel this year than last. In his dealings with the media, Haley seems to be calm, relaxed and he even jokes at times.

Wright's comments regarding Haley came after he went on a mini-rant about the Chiefs spending habits as they prepare for training camp. I'll have an update on that shortly.

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