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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 6/15


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Early post today so I can get on the road. It will be the same story tomorrow. I've peeked in at Twitter to see if there is a Page update (there was none), but I'm not posting anything due to time. Also, Bob Gretz hasn't posted his morning article yet, so Joel will have to pick up the slack (it's not like he's going to work anyway). Enjoy today's Kansas City Chiefs news.

A year later, Johnson was gone again and Smith was ready again. On November 2, at Arrowhead Stadium he was off to a big day against Tampa Bay, running 10 times for 46 yards and a touchdown.

Then came that instant, that moment every player dreads; Smith took a handoff and went right, moved back inside and planted his right leg to cut left. That’s when a Tampa Bay defensive back slammed into his right knee, leaving Smith in a crumpled heap on the field.

On Monday, some 20 months later, Smith was still feeling that blow. He was released by the Chiefs, one of six players that were cut loose as the team tidies up its roster for draft choice signings and a football vacation until the start of training camp.

Anybody that knows Kolby Smith, or saw how hard he worked to come back from his torn patellar tendon, is feeling pretty sad today. Smith was one of the good guys in the Chiefs locker room. He’s a pro, a man who does what he’s asked to do on the football field and in preparation off the field, and then he does more. The fact that he came back from that patellar tendon injury was an achievement; some players have seen their careers derailed by a torn patellar.

Injury Roulette Claims Kolby … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz Video: 32 in 32: Kansas City Chiefs

Q: With the Kansas City Chiefs getting new coaches such as Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel and a couple of better players in the draft, what are the chances of them making the playoffs this year?

James P in Houston


Downtime brings tense times from ESPN

Playoffs, no. Better team, yes. Weis' biggest challenge is squeezing more points and yards out of this offense. Matt Cassel proved in New England he can be a solid quarterback who's capable of taking a team to the playoffs if he is surrounded by the right talent. I'm not sold he has enough yards-after-the-catch wide receivers at the moment. Weis can try to scheme a lot of things to get more yards after the catch, but Cassel can't make up for his lack of downfield arm strength. He doesn't have a strong arm. As you remember, Trent Green didn't have the strongest arm, but his strong supporting cast made the offense work. On defense, the Chiefs will be better, particularly with Crennel calling the plays. They will be better this season, and you might see a playoff run in 2011.
WR | Dexter McCluster | Kansas City Chiefs | Fantasy
Kansas City Chiefs rookie WR Dexter McCluster has shown veteran poise near the sidelines when catching the football, reports McCluster has shown great footwork, always getting one foot down in bounds and dragging his back foot on receptions.

Fantasy football players in the news from

A buddy of mine asked me the other day what I thought the Chiefs’ record would be this year.

My answer: Hell if I know.

I truly mean that – I have no clue what this year will bring for the Kansas City good guys. We may go 10-6. We may go 3-13. We may see the first ever dual quadruple cardiac sideline episode between Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel this season. Nothing is off the table right now.

So, with that in mind, let’s set some reasonable expecations for this year. Keep in mind, the definition of "reasonable" is coming from someone who thinks Derrick Thomas should be on the $1 bill.

Great Expectations for 2010 Chiefs? from NFL Gridiron Gab

WHAT: Justin Harper Oddie Cares Foundation Football Camp.

WHEN: Friday, June 25 and Saturday, June 26.

WHERE: Butler Memorial Stadium, Bandys High, 540 E. Bandys Road, Catawba...

...CAMP HIGHLIGHTS: Instructors will include these NFL players, plus Wake Forest linebacker Matt Woodlief and a host of Virginia Tech players: Justin Harper, WR, Baltimore Ravens; Brandon Flowers, DB, Kansas City Chiefs; Victory (Macho) Harris, DB, Philadelphia Eagles; Xavier Adibi, DB, Houston Texans; Chris Ellis, DE, Buffalo Bills; Ladrius Webb, DB, Baltimore Ravens; Marcus Smith, WR, Baltimore Ravens; Eddie Royal, WR, Denver Broncos (possibly). Autograph opportunities will be provided.

Justin Harper football camp set for June 25-26 from

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