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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 6/14

Good Morning, AP! Can't tell you guys how happy I am to be going into work this morning after being at the beach last week. Yeah, I didn't buy that either. I apologize if something gets re-posted. I'm still catching up on my reading. All that being said, here's today's Kansas City Chiefs news.

The Chiefs off-season is not over. They have activity on Monday and a practice on Tuesday. That’s when Todd Haley will discharge his veterans for six weeks, meeting again for the start of training camp in the last week of July.

The weekend mini-camp provided a lengthy look at the 2010 Chiefs with five practices in three days. As the only member of the media horde and the only media outlet that covered every second of all five practices – that’s called blowing our own horn – there are honors to be presented to this team that only I can hand down.

So here are the 2010 Chiefs Mini-Camp Oscars:

Wrapping Up … Monday Cup O’Mini-Camp from Bob Gretz

On and on it went, and Haley admitted Sunday that this year’s group of linebackers must avoid individual shortcomings, because too often in 2009 they became team-wide concerns.

"If one guy doesn’t do his job, that’s a problem," Haley said. "They have to understand that they have to be doing their job, and then it comes down to: Can they do it well enough? Do they have the talent to do it well enough, to be part of a really good defense?"

Because the Chiefs will play this season with mostly the same linebacker personnel as in 2009, the team has a good idea of its skill potential. Kansas City drafted Cameron Sheffield in the fifth round, but despite the need, the linebacker position has so far gone largely untouched. Now the Chiefs have to count on comfort, improved experience and maybe luck to overcome a roster that lacks intimidating names. Haley said there’s not much room for error regarding the linebackers, and whether it’s karma or clean living that attracts it, Kansas City needs some things to go its way.

"It’s a learning curve," Haley said. "They must improve."

Haley counting on linebackers to improve from KC Star

We know what coach Haley wants as a team atmosphere," said veteran linebacker Derrick Johnson. "We kind of know where he's going. We've been under him for a year. We've kind of got our feet under us. We're learning a different scheme on defense and on offense, so we're really geared into the classroom right now. There's a good attitude, a good feedback among the coaches and players."

NFL Notebook: Cowboys hold minicamp at site of next Super Bowl from Tulsa World

First runner-up is Belinda Post of Topeka, competing as Miss Maple Leaf. Second Runner-up was Miss Lawrence, Cassie Reimer, third runner-up was Miss Wichita, Alex Miller, and fourth runner-up was Miss Arkansas Valley, Hillary Boyle...

...Post, 21, won the Evening Wear Preliminary Thursday evening. She's a graduate of Kansas State University and teaches dance, baton, and cheer in Topeka, and is a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader.

Miss Kansas Crowned from

Player Tweets

almighty31 Looks like the Jones is where its at
GlennDorsey72 Bouta hit this pool...
BCarr39 Yea so since turnin the game on in the 3rd qtr I thought LA was winning this whole time! Smdh
GlennDorsey72 Gameover playtime!!!
JarradPage44 I am a #lakerhater!!!!! YES!!!!!!! @GA42 @ithinkurwright @MarcedesLewis89 @teela_h @maliblu2 I got a pic comin 4 y'all
GlennDorsey72 Forest Gump is on and I get mad everytime I see him save Jenny azz... #chilloutbruh let her go she don't wana be saved...
GlennDorsey72 Ok I think these huge glass windows may be a bad idea, they bouta blow!!!!
JarradPage44 I know I haven't responded to all ur questions but I appreciate the love and concern from the fans and to those who talk bad on me CRICKETS

Media and Fans

WhitlockJason NY Daily News w/advice for athletes who want to cheat.

kentbabb They trying to scare them off? RT @slmandel: The Larry Scott plane headed to KC. Jayhawks fans should greet them with a band and Gates BBQ.

gregaiello Someone tell Chad O yes on the Riverdance, no on the vuvuzela.

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