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Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson On Possible Big 12 Demise: 'I Never Knew It Was Even Possible'

Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson held court with me and a few other media members for a few minutes after practice today talking about -- what else -- the mess that is the Big 12. DJ of course from Texas, the school that is the linchpin at this point.

On the changes coming to the Big 12:

It's kind of a big deal right now. I'm hoping they work it out. It's kind of different for Texas to move from the Big 12. We've been there for a while. It's kinda crazy right now. Teams have already switched over so I don't know. We'll see. Hopefully it's the best thing for whatever Texas decides.

On Texas being the key to the Big 12:

Texas is a great organization.  Hopefully it's the right decision. I haven't been watching it much. Just the he-said, she-said stuff.

On the attitude that Texas runs the Big 12:

We knew we were winning a lot of games each year but as far as having say-so over the conference, I guess we were never on that level as far as changes. That was never in my mind as far as moving the conference. It's up in the air now. It's flying around a lot now. It'll be different to watch them be in a different conference. But they're still Texas. They'll still play 11 or 12 games and hopefully a national championship in there. It's still football. That won't change.

Can you imagine Texas and Texas A&M not being in the same conference?

Not really. Texas and Texas A&M is a great rivalry. Texas and OU speaks for itself. That's hard to give up that. It really is.

On whether he saw this coming:

I never knew that it was even possible for this to happen so it came as a shock to me as well as a lot of other Texas fans and Texas Longhorns. It is what it is. It's not going to change the football play. It's still going to be the same scheme. They'll still be playing at a high level on Saturdays.

Are guys talking trash in the locker room now?

Not really, not yet. Maybe when it's all said and done some Pac 10 guys might come up to me and say some things. But, you know, we're Texas so we'll hold our own.

Are you worried about Matt Cassel -- a former Trojan -- giving you a hard time?

No, we got the upper hand on USC right now. I'm not worried about the USC guys right now.

Did you think we'd continue to talk about Texas now that you're in the NFL?

I never knew this would happen. But, hey, it is a big deal. It's definitely a big deal.

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