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Chiefs Third Practice At Mandatory Minicamp Takes Place Indoors


The Chiefs third session of mandatory minicamp moved inside due to the weather but they were still able to get some work in.

Everyone was back on the field -- except Jarrad Page, of course -- including Dustin Colquitt, who missed part Friday's morning practice and all of the afternoon practice.

Why was Colquitt gone yesterday? "I think he had an addition," Todd Haley said after practice hinting at a new baby for the Chiefs punter.

Most things at practice were about the same as we're used to reading. Here are some things that stood out to me:

-Casey Wiegmann and Rudy Niswanger are still splitting snaps at center. Wiegmann saw some increased time there. Haley said part of the reason for "mixing and matching" those guys was simply to have them face some different competition. For example, Haley explained, Wiegmann could be on the second team constantly facing Shaun Smith on the second team defense and they'll eventually get used to their tricks.

-In the nickel defense, Mike Vrabel scoots to the inside alongside Derrick Johnson. This has happened before and it'll be interesting to see if the Chiefs employ it during the season.

-Eric Berry and Jon McGraw were the safeties for most of the first team stuff as were DJ and Jovan Belcher.

-Overall, the Chiefs look well-conditioned and like they know what to do. There are no players standing around wondering what to do when the whistle blows or lagging on their sprints.

-The drills in mandatory minicamp -- individual and team stuff -- don't look much different than OTAs. I was at OTAs earlier this week and then minicamp today. I couldn't tell you the difference between the two.

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