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Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson Says He'll Pass This Year's Test 'With Flying Colors'

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Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson hosted a charity event in Austin last week. Texas' official site caught up with DJ where he talked about his charity event, another season with the Chiefs and Longhorns in the NFL.

On how the event has grown: It's getting bigger and bigger every year. That's a great thing about The University of Texas. Texas Longhorns former players, they always come back and help me. It doesn't matter what the situation is. Whenever I get a chance to give back to the kids, I have my extended family, and that's the Texas Longhorns.

On continuing with the Chiefs: It's good. It's another chance to show the NFL that I can really be a big playmaker on a team. Everybody's trying to get that big contract, so I've got this year to see what I can do. I think I'll pass with flying colors.

On having Jamaal Charles and Derek Lokey with him in Kansas City: It's a great feeling having those Longhorns up there. Jamaal's doing a great job. You've got big Derek Lokey, and he's doing his absolute best every time he's out there on the field, so the Longhorns in Kansas City are doing well, and all the Longhorns play hard every time we're on the field.

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