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Kansas City Humidity Gives Chiefs A Taste Of Training Camp

Update 10:16 AM: It's raining cats and dogs out here. That sideways rain Forrest Gump talked about. The Chiefs are indoors today.

Last week Tamba Hali spoke on the Chiefs Red Zone Podcast and was asked about training camp now being played in St. Joe and not River Falls, WI. One thing to keep in mind, he said, was the humidity.

"It's hot in Kansas City," he said laughing.

If you ask me, it's no laughing matter. The humidity in Kansas City is downright awful. It's reason enough to make someone think about moving.

The Chiefs today will feel that humidity. Weather reports are indicating there's a chance rain, which also means lots of humidity.


This will be a test for the Chiefs players but ultimately, I don't think June humidity can compare to August humidity in Kansas City.

I'm headed out to the facility shortly. Look for reports about the lowly reporter who has to change shirts because he's so sweaty.

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