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This Might Be The 'Quietest Chiefs Offseason In Over 30 Years'

One of the reasons we like Bob Gretz of is because he's been covering the team for longer than I've been alive such a long time that he's able to offer a historical perspective that others can't. Today is no different as Gretz unscientifically concludes this might be the quietest offseason the Chiefs have had in his 30 years covering the team.

This is the 30th Chiefs off-season that I’ve covered whether for print, radio or the web. I’ve searched my files and my addled brain and while I cannot say this conclusively, I’m willing to go out on a limb and designate the last three months as the quietest off-season for the red and gold in the last three decades.

The only two things that have really gone on this offseason is the Dwayne Bowe/ESPN The Magazine business and Jarrad Page not signing his tender.The ESPN the Mag deal was a story nationally for about a day and then disappeared from the ESPN and SI headlines. Jarrad Page not signing his tender is hardly news as it seems about half the league has restricted free agents who are unsigned at the moment, thanks to the quirks in the current CBA.

As Gretz says, there are plenty of bad things going on right now -- oil spills, cruddy economy and the mess between the league and the players.

But around Arrowhead? Not so much.

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