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Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe Might Be Best Candidate for Greatness on Roster

Dwayne Bowe finally said the right words. Many were hoping that "no news would be good news" in the case of Bowe, but we should know by now that the man will say whatever he feels like saying given the recent statements to the media. So if a man's gonna talk, it's nice to hear the right things being said.

In an interview with 610 Sports' Bob Fescoe yesterday, the talented wide receiver noted that he "wanted to take his game to another level" and that his "first couple years, just being here was comfortable. Now, I have great coaches pushing me and just the will to be great."

The will to be great. Those are the key words. That's what Chiefs fans (and regime) have been hoping for since the start of his third season, when the supposed next level never came and clashes with Todd Haley and Co. stalled Bowe out from becoming what everyone thought he could be: a top-tier wide receiver. So these words come as a nice surprise, to say the least. And given the ability behind those words, Bowe might just be able to pull through.

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You see, just saying the words doesn't make the difference. And neither does the will behind it. We all remember the famous story of Rudy Rudiger in the Notre Dame football program. But then again, it's a great story, not a great player or a great career. Those moments are fleeting if only the will is there. The talent has to be there as well. Great players emerge in this league because of the will to be great and the talent to go with it. A workout warrior does not make one great.

We all know the talent is there. D-Bowe had a historic first two years in this league. And he's still quite young, so to continue that progression is quite possible. Now he's beginning to say the right things and while there's a long way to go, if anyone's going to become great on this Chiefs team, Bowe might be the best candidate for the job.

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