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So I Got A New Job Today...

Friday was the final day at my last job. I asked many of you for suggestions on how to go out with a bang and came up with a lot of good ones. Of course, I didn't take any of them -- no matter how badly I wanted to nail my shoes to my boss's desk with a note that says, "Good luck filling these  -JT".

So I started my new job today and you're looking at it.

Blogging full-time (I'll have increased duties at Pretty awesome, huh?

It's a major life-change for me and one that I think will ultimately benefit everyone that reads the site. It also means it will hurt your productivity at the office since you're, you know, supposed to be working right now.

I hope to be attending more (not all) of the happenings at One Arrowhead Drive and letting you all see what I see. 

Anyway, it's a very exciting day for Chris and I. This was always the goal and Chris made a TON of sacrifices to make it happen so he's very much appreciated. Not very many people get their dream job before age 30 so I'm aware of how freakin' lucky I am.

Speaking of Chris, I've also decided to make him my newest intern. Chris, I drink my coffee black and I'll need it ready by 6:00 AM.

It's Game Time.

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