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Chiefs Should Be Included In Best Offseason Talk

I was reading over a piece by ESPN's John Clayton looking at the top five teams with the best offseason going. I agree with most of them because teams like the Jets and Dolphins have made significant moves that will keep them in contention in 2010.

I do have one gripe about the top five list: What about the Chiefs?

Sure, their moves weren't flashy by any means but pundits across the NFL world have had good things to say. Free agents represented positions of need (Thomas Jones, Ryan Lilja) while they kept one of their own (Chris Chambers).

Add in the draft, which was rated very highly by some smart folks. As a whole, the team got faster after the draft, which was necessary on both offense and defense (Eric Berry, Dexter McCluster, Javier Arenas).

I haven't even gotten to the coaching staff yet. Not only did the Chiefs come out the best in the latest round of coaching hires but now they boast arguably one of the top staffs in the league.

That's not good for a top five?

I'm just sayin', when you look at the five teams listed -- and then at the Chiefs -- who helped themselves the most?

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