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Chiefs Coach Calls Javier Arenas The 'Defensive Version Of Dexter McCluster'

Chiefs coach Todd Haley was on Sirius NFL Radio last week going through all the Chiefs picks. I noticed he seemed to gush a little extra about second round pick Javier Arenas.

Haley says "there was no one more excited than I was" when the Chiefs were able to select him.

"When you start this process months ago, and going through the scouts reports, I don't know that you can read a better football character side of a report. And this guy has football character. When scouts say he treats everyday and every practice like the Super Bowl, you take notice. Again, you put on the tape and he backs it up. this kid's a player. He's got a chip on his shoulder. He's another guy that's probably been told all along he's too small.

"He found a way to get into a pretty good program there and play pretty good defense and win a national championship. He's a pretty good returner. I think he's the kind of guy you want on your team.

"When his name came off the board, there was no one more excited than I was. He's a defensive version of Dexter McCluster."

High praise from a team that places an extra emphasis on character.

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