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Secondary Shows Chiefs Understand NFL Passing Trends

If you look around the NFL in the last few years, offenses -- and specifically passing offenses -- have become a lot more sophisticated. The elite teams are generally defined by the quarterback play. Arguably the top two teams of the decade -- Colts and Patriots -- are fluent in the passing game. Even Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers have passed for over 3,150 yards in each of the last four seasons.

In short, a lot of successful teams are passing the ball. The Chiefs plan on facing some of the most successful teams in the future so they need to be prepared for that.

The Chiefs moves over the past year indicate they recognize these trends to the passing game. They switched to the 3-4 defense, which is in part designed to get to the quarterback. That becomes more important as teams drop back to pass more often.

They've also invested heavily in defensive backs. Two of the first three picks in the 2010 draft are evidence of that.

Todd Haley was on Sirius NFL Radio recently talking about the passing phenomenon that's hit the league and how the Chiefs defense needs to be prepared for that.

"In this league, if you look at the league in the last few years, the passing is off the charts," Haley said. "It's not looking like it's going to change much in the near future so you better have someone who can cover. You better be able to handle some of those mismatch situations."

Haley highlighted Eric Berry as someone who helps that cause. As always, versatility is valued with him.

"With the corner background early on in Tennessee, and watch him moving around with his skill-set, you do feel like you have a guy that can play multiple positions."

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