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Chiefs S Eric Berry Facing Immediate Pressure

Sometime before now and the start of the regular season, Eric Berry will sign a contract worth over $25 million in guaranteed money. Because of that price tag, he'll be expected to produce quickly. 

For comparison's sake, I'd say he is to the defense what Matt Cassel is to the offense.

Sure, there are other highly paid defensive players on the team -- Glenn Dorsey (5th overall) and Tyson Jackson (3rd overall) are making a nice chunk of change.

But the Chiefs have been quick to point out that those positions (defensive end) won't necessarily translate into highlight reels. They've essentially downplayed the expectations for those two.

When Tyson Jackson was drafted, the Chiefs compared him to Russell Maryland, who was a solid player for 10 years but only went to one Pro Bowl.

Berry, on the other hand, is in the argument for the top player in the draft. Not a reach like Tyson Jackson or playing at a position that requires significant development, like Glenn Dorsey.  And he plays a significant position of need for the Chiefs. This places quite a bit of pressure on him.

Think back to the Cowboys game last year. You think the Chiefs could have used Berry on Miles Austin's touchdown catches?

But the Chiefs knew he would be facing heavy pressure right off the bat. When they interviewed him, they had that in mind. They likely have a good idea (or think they do) of how he will react to the pressure. Some players thrive in it. That's what the Chiefs are banking on.

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