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Which Stories Are Chiefs Fans Reading About The Most?

So we got this cool new dashboard that gives us a little more information on not just the number of people visiting the site, but what they're looking at. Part of it is telling us what are the top 10 most viewed pages on AP over the last week. Since there's a significant amount of Chiefs fans that visit the site I think it's a good gauge of the Chiefs community as a whole.

The first four: The home page, mobile home page, FanShots and FanPosts.

Big shoutout to those of you who are using the mobile page ( I'm never bored waiting for an appointment again. Plus, it's easier for some to check AP mobile at work (if co-workers can see your computer monitor and you're, tsk-tsk, not supposed to be reading about the Chiefs on the clock).

Here are the next set of most viewed stories on AP in the last 7 days:

So over the last week, those are the stories Chiefs nation has been reading the most. I'm thinking we'll make this a regular story on AP. In hindsight, it's pretty interesting to see which stories got the most attention

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