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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/8


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Happy weekend, AP! Here's today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Read and enjoy.

Haley’s Chiefs are now, in a watered-down sense, going back to those glory days to rebuild the offensive line. Not only will Wiegmann return after a two-year absence, but the Chiefs also signed guard Ryan Lilja, who was briefly a backup for the Chiefs in that era before the team, in a decision it would regret, let him go.

It’s an ironic thing for Haley and general manager Scott Pioli, who barely acknowledge that the Chiefs even existed before their arrival in Kansas City last year. And, as Waters said, it’s certainly a coincidence.

"I think you can tell by the management style that the glory days don’t fit into the way they evaluate football players," said Waters, the only offensive lineman to remain through the interim years.

Chiefs work to rebuild offensive line from KC Star

Be honest, but did you walk away from last season feeling like you weren’t sure about Haley? I did. I want to skip all the way, but for me Haley is the critical part.

Since the 2009 season ended I’ve heard plenty about Pioli, but not much on Haley. I’ve been guilty myself. When it came to free agency, the draft, the type of player the Chiefs wanted or the direction the team is headed, it always comes back to Pioli and what he thinks. What will Pioli do? Pioli’s been the face, the voice, and the guy to everything.

I realized something, I’ve been leaving Haley out of the conversation, but so has everyone.

Carl Peterson was an influential guy, but when you thought of the Chiefs, you knew Marty Schottenheimer was in control. Dick Vermeil was in charge, not offensive coordinator Al Saunders. I might have it crossed up, but to me it comes across as the big three from New England plus Haley.

Will Haley be part of the Chiefs’ happy trend? from The Examiner

Terry Funk knows the day will come when he won’t be able to stand in the middle of a wrestling ring doing what he does best, raise hell.

Luckily for wrestling fans, that day hasn’t come...

..."I don’t need any enhancing drugs. Wrestling is my drug. It’s what I love. I grew up in the backseat of a car. I didn’t want to be a cowboy. I wanted to wrestle. I went to college and played football. I was with the Kansas City Chiefs. But I had an opportunity to wrestle. And it’s been the love of my life.

Terry Funk has no regrets from The Toronto Sun

The game against the Wizards on July 25 will be the third stop on United's historic summer tour of North America, which will see them play Celtic in Toronto, Major League Soccer's (MLS) Philadelphia Union in Philadelphia and the MLS All-Stars in Houston.

Though the Premier League champions have conducted pre-season tours of North America in the past, this summer will be the first time the squad will play teams from the MLS, a sign of the emerging strength of the League.

"This will be one of the biggest sporting events the Midwest has ever seen, and it's a great opportunity for Kansas City to show that we deserve to be one of the host cities for the World Cup," Wizards President and OnGoal chief executive Robb Heineman said.

Manchester United visit gives boost to Kansas World Cup hopes from Inside World Football

This isn’t an issue of South bias, it’s a simple issue of venue. If Cowboys Stadium were "Chiefs Stadium" in Kansas City and Dallas played in "Tumbleweed Stadium" in Arlington, the Big 12 would be talking about holding the championship game permanently in Kansas City. Perhaps I’ve missed something, but I don’t see the NBA All-Star Game, the Super Bowl or Manny Pacquiao doing their thing in Arrowhead Stadium anytime soon. Cowboys Stadium has a novelty to it that won’t go away for at least a few more years, and the Big 12 wants to capitalize on that. Fans feel the same thing, to a lesser extent now, about University of Phoenix Stadium. People want to go to events just to be inside that stadium. Arrowhead doesn’t have that, and never will again.

Mailbag: JJ's backup, Dallas title game, bias and the Pac-10 from ESPN

Now that most of the signing, releasing and trading and all of the drafting is complete in the AFC West, we now have a better feel for the talent in the division.

Once again, there has been major change. Let's catch up with an early projection for our preseason all-AFC West team.

We have a few ground rules: Rookies are eligible. We’re using a 3-4 defense because three teams in the division use the 3-4 as its base and Oakland will use the 3-4 more this year. We took some liberties at some positions. For example, we aren’t taking a fullback but we are using the two best running backs.

Without further ado, here is our all-AFC West team as it stands now:

Best in the AFC West from ESPN

Player Tweets

GlennDorsey72 On way to airport what's the weather like in Baton Rouge?
GlennDorsey72 Good now I can work on my tan!!!! Lmao
BCarr39 Believing is half the battle
GlennDorsey72 Touchdown!!!
BCarr39 435E traffic is stupid! Wish I knew the side streets :(
almighty31 goin 2 get LCs..... the best bbq
BFlowers24 it was like 5degreez in kc today so i book the first flight im n fla and its 9pm and it feels like 105 smh
MrKolbySmith Chilling with big cuzzo @AleshaRenee. Always good times.

BCarr39 Over here watchin Training Day thinkin bout my next move tonite...

Media and Fans

JoshLooney a few watchers thought might be a candidate 4 contract no news tho RT @BenParamore: @JoshLooney Can u tell me if tryout B. Lee was noticable

KC_Chiefs1 At Franklin elementary with KC Wolf, and the KC Chiefs (via @KCTrends)

Adam_Schefter Filed to ESPN: Texans Rookie of the Year LB Brian Cushing is being suspended four games for violating NFL's steroids policy. More @

Jay_Glazer I'm waiting to hear from him but as u can imagine I'm absolutely furious. I wanna hear his side b4 I say anything. Right now tho I'm livid

Adam_Schefter Another quiet NFL week in May: Cushing suspended, LT arrested, Pacman signs, JaMarcus cut, Willis/Evans big $ deals, Sharper microfracture.

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