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Chiefs Coach Hasn't Seen A Player Like Dexter McCluster Before

I found this interesting. Todd Haley was on Sirius NFL Radio and was asked if he'd ever seen a player like Dexter McCluster before.

He thought for a second and said, "I don't think so. No one exactly like him."

He said some players were similar but no one like him.

"Versions of him, like Wayne Chrebet in New York," Haley continued. "He had some of those slot qualities, the quickness, toughness and strength in there. Wayne was off the charts.

"This guy (McCluster) hasn't done anything so we can't put him in the Hall of Fame yet. He's got to make the team. Running backs that had some of those similar qualities, but not in the complete package."

He didn't specify who would coach -- the receivers or running backs coach -- but did point out his capabilities in both those areas. Haley never really says yes or no to a lot of these questions but I think you could tell when he was talking about him that they want to line him up everywhere.

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