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Chiefs Coach Says All Signs Are Positive For Matt Cassel

Just like last year, the Chiefs coaches have great things to say about Matt Cassel. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley appeared on Sirius NFL Radio and talked about his quarterback.

Haley talked about the difficult situation Cassel faced last year. Moving from New England to Kansas City, meeting new teammates. It's something that's especially tough for a quarterback, Haley says. That said, Haley says Cassel has all the makings of a "solid, solid" NFL quarterback.

"Matt weathered the storm," he said. "I know he weathered the storm. He's an extremely physically and mentally tough guy.

"He is in here leading the pack every day. I mean, we can't keep him off the field. He's gathering the receivers any chance he can get.

"Jerheme Urban, who we brought in from Arizona was like, 'Wow this is awesome. This guy can't get enough.' This kid's going to be..he's going to do a good job. He has all the makings of being a solid, solid quarterback in this league."

Cassel, like Haley, can probably benefit from a full year in the system. This is a critical year for Cassel. He reportedly has a $7+ million bonus due in March of 2011 so I think there needs to be more production. The circumstances should be better this around.

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