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Chiefs Having Most Positive Offseason In '14 To 15 Years'

I was thinking about this the other day. While there are plenty of concerns with the Chiefs heading into the 2010 season, all seems to be going pretty good right now. The majority of folks are pleased with the moves in free agency, happy with the draft and strangely optimistic for a team that's won 10 games in the last three years.

Recently the 'Voice of the Chiefs' Mitch Holthus said, "t's been the most positive offseason in a 14 to 15 year period." Granted, he works for the team but I think he may be onto something.

Think back to last year. What was the overall pulse of the fans? According to our monthly approval polls, 2010 is treating Chiefs fans significantly better than 2009. Here are the latest approval ratings compared to 2009 underneath it.

Owner Clark Hunt: 94% (91%)

GM Scott Pioli: 92% (77%)

Head coach Todd Haley: 87% (64%)

So what's going on? I think part of last season was just the reaction to a new regime. Sometimes change is hard to swallow. Ultimately it ends up being for the good but it's difficult at first.

If 2009 is any trend, the June approval ratings will continue to be low and things should jump back up in July. We'll see how it shakes out.

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