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Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt "Confident" Labor Agreement Will Be Reached, Can't Predict When

We continue with our Clark Hunt themed day with more from his interview this morning on 610 Sports with Bob Fescoe.

Hunt was asked about the hot topic around the NFL lately -- the labor agreement.

He said he was "confident" a labor agreement would be reached -- one, he says, that works for both sides -- but couldn't predict when it would happen.

As of now, there will be a 2010 regular season, playoffs and Super Bowl as well as a 2011 draft. 

Hunt also said neither players nor the owners want a lockout. This has been up for debate. There have been some that have argued that the owners want to lockout the players to put the pressure on them to do a deal that favors the owners. The argument here is that the owners have a larger "war chest" with which to operate and could handle a work stoppage longer than the players.

The players at this point appear to prefer the status quo since the 2006 revision to the CBA seemingly favors them on a number of key issues.

The owners have a meeting planned in Dallas at the tail end of May so that's the next opportunity to talk about the situation.

Even though we're just over a year away from seeing a regular season game canceled, the idea of a work stoppage hasn't sunk in yet. For me, at least, it doesn't seem real. I imagine this thing will go right down to the wire and it will "real" soon enough.

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