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Who Are The 'Maybe Guys' On The Chiefs?

Over the past week Todd Haley has mentioned on a few occasions that the Chiefs need to develop the players already in-house. This has usually been in response to a question of why he didn't address in the draft the defensive line (nose tackle) or linebacker (inside linebacker) positions.

"We need to have young guys that were peripheral, ‘maybe’ guys, ‘hey, maybe this guy has a chance,’ we need those guys to step in and say he’s a solid backup or more," Haley said on Sunday.

I'm taking that as the guys who aren't necessarily considered locks to make the 2010 roster but end up making an impact. The special teamer who becomes a solid backup at a position. The starter who struggled in 2009 and turns it on in 2010. Or the role player in 2009 who becomes a starter in 2010.

So who are those 'maybe' guys? Here are two that I think ideally have a role in 2010:

LB Jovan Belcher -- He seems like a Todd Haley type of guy. Undrafted free agent out of a small school that made his mark on special teams in year one. My hunch is that the Chiefs would like to find a way to get him on the field if possible.

C Rudy Niswanger --- Now he's been in the league for four years so there's a chance we've seen his ceiling. However, Niswanger succeeding is the only way the Chiefs don't have to go back to the drawing board at the center position next year. Casey Wiegmann is a one-year band-aid if he assumes the spot.

Who are your 'maybe' guys that need to step up in 2010?

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