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A Year Changes Quite A Bit With Chiefs Running Backs

Remember last year at this time we were debating whether Larry Johnson could be a full-time running back. We were looking at guys like Dantrell Savage, Kolby Smith and Jamaal Charles to be LJ's backup.

Frankly, I think last year a lot of us would point to running back as the weakest position on the team.


One year later and we're wondering if the Chiefs have too many good players at the position. The Chiefs spent the 36th pick in the draft on Dexter McCluster who could see some time at running back as well as (mostly) receiver. The way things are shaking out, he'll be the third string running back.

No. 1 and No. 2? Yeah, they're not bad, according to ESPN's Bill Williamson, who ranks Charles (1) and Thomas Jones (2) as the top two running backs in all of the AFC West.

Here's what he said about each.

Charles: "I think this guy is the next great running back star in the NFL."

Jones: "Jones may be one of the best additions in the NFL this offseason."

Funny how things work out from one year to the next. Somehow I doubt this time next year we'll be saying, 'Wow the Chiefs just have too many good nose tackles on the roster.'

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