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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/5


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Here's today's Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. We're still singing the off-season blues with very little new stuff from overnight. It does appear the D backfield could start a local access cooking show.

The signing of Grimes gives the Chiefs 85 players on their roster. But only 78 of those players are actually signed. The seven draft choices are without contracts at this point, so they don’t count against the 80-man figure.

That leaves the Chiefs with two more players they can sign; that’s the number Todd Haley indicated over the weekend the team might sign among the players trying out during the rookie camp like Grimes.

Nothing would preclude the Chiefs from releasing others on the roster, although that wouldn’t seem likely before the club begins their OTA sessions.

Right now, they have 45 offensive players, 37 defenders and three special teamers. On offense, the numbers break down with 4 QBs, 9 RBs, 11 WR, 5 TEs and 16 on the offensive line. Defensively, there are 10 DL, 12 LBs and 15 DBs.

A Chiefs Grab Bag … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

So, not much to brag about. With so many players not playing their natural positions what can you expect

One final note about Eric Berry. Although Berry is a great player he can't do everything. There were many who feel that Berry will be another Ed Reed

The difference is look at the Raven Defense. They have had one of the most dominating defenses in all of football since Reed arrived. With so much firepower and a dominating front seven, Reed could just sit back and play centerfield and make big plays. One could say the same about Troy P. in Pittsburgh

 Berry doesn't have that luxury with the Chiefs front seven.

Lets hope he isn't the only player who makes plays this year

Kansas City Chiefs: Defense Analysis from Bleacher Report

Some of the queries are just weird. Occasionally, they're intrusive and in questionable taste.

Following the storm surrounding Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland asking Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute, for which Ireland later apologized, NFL rookies at minicamps last weekend told The Associated Press they fielded some oddball inquiries from team executives before the draft...

...Mississippi running back Dexter McCluster, a second-round pick by the Kansas City Chiefs, did have one team go "American Idol" on him.

"One coach asked me to sing," McCluster said.

Questioning the Questions from The New Observer

This next article came up on a Google search, but barely mentions the Chiefs. It does, however, tell a story worth posting.

Recently, when driving past Chase (pop. 448), I noted the hand-painted sign near the highway: Home of Paul Coffman.

After years of seeing this sign, I finally did a Google search and learned that Coffman played for K-State, then the Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Minnesota Vikings, retiring after the 1988 season. As a tight end in the NFL, he crossed the goal line 42 times...

...Small town residents feel a sense of pride when a neighbor splashes onto the national scene. Many in the Emporia area follow Clint Bowyer in his NASCAR career.

While searching for information about Coffman, another Kansas athlete came to mind: Glenn Cunningham of Elkhart.

In fifth grade, I read a series of biographies about famous Americans including Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott, Juliette Gordon Low, and Jim Thorpe.

It might have been in this series that I learned about Glenn Cunningham. I remember being impressed by the story of this boy from Kansas. In 1916, at age 7, Cunningham suffered disabling burns in a schoolhouse explosion.

The Elkhart Express from The Emporia Gazette

Things got a little unhinged at the end of the show. Before the final song, Vedder introduced another guest, Curtis Tomasevicz, a member of the gold-medal U.S. Olympic bobsledding team. (He liked to crank up the Pearl Jam before each race.)

Tomasevicz strapped on a bass guitar and joined the band on "Yellow Ledbetter," then stood back and listened as guitarist Mike McCready played a haywire rendition of the Jimi Hendrix version of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

It got a little ragged and went on a bit too long and, of course, ended with the crowd yelling "Chiefs." Otherwise, this was a joyous, spontaneous and invigorating celebration between a rock band that seemed genuinely happy and grateful to be on the road again and fans who are just as happy that it is still around and its music is still alive.

Review | Pearl Jam from KC Star

Player Tweets

BFlowers24 sooo all the db's think their top were havn a cook off tonight at my house 7:30pm...everybody is bringn their own dish
BCarr39 Blessed to see another (beautiful) day. Work out went well, now it's time to find something special for the one who gave me life!
berry1429 @BFlowers24 @AndyMount the 15th.
superdj56 wifey got me over here watchin The Hills....womp.
BCarr39 The DBs put it down at the cook off tonite!
BCarr39 RT @kingownsyou: @BCarr39 who won the cook off? My money is on page""u lost all that $ u put on the table lol
GlennDorsey72 Loving life I can not lie yall...
GlennDorsey72 Goodnight fam luv yall let's get better tommorrow in whatever you dou... Talk to yall in the a.m.

Media and Fans

JPosnanski Was actually at a Broadway show during failed bomb attempt. Didn't see anything unusual. Well, we saw witches singing.

Note: Wicked plays 5 or 6 blocks away from where the SUV was.

JoshLooney WR David Grimes officially signs deal, 1st tryout player to ink from rookie camp (though not a rookie) -
JTMillerTime A little surprise visit in my classroom today from Dexter McCluster, Largo HS grad & KC Chiefs recent draft

JPosnanski A Facebook fan page has been started for me. Don't know what I get for more fans, but I promise to share.

espn_afcwest Evening notes: Elway likes Tebow pick -

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