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New Chief Dexter McCluster Drawing Comparisons To Dave Meggett

I know it's not always fair to compare rookies to former or current NFL players but it gives us an idea of what we're expecting out of the player. In the case of Dexter McCluster, a comparison to Dave Meggett has been brought up by Gil Brandt of

Mr. Brandt was asked about the Chiefs plans with McCluster:

I think they drafted him as a specialist. Last year, at Mississippi, he staretd 8 games at WR and 4 at RB. He'll give teams matchup problems in the backfield and at receiver because of his speed and quickness. Even though he's small, he had some great games in college, including the 200-yard game against Tennessee.

Think along the lines of Dave Meggett, but probably better at this point coming out of college. He played at a higher level.    

Meggett's specialty was in the return game, which is something McCluster didn't focus on in college but is expected to get a shot at in the pros.

On offense, Meggett was getting 150-300 yards rushing and 250-500 receiving yards per season. He wasn't the focal point of the offense by any means -- and McCluster won't be in Kansas City -- but he was a major role player.

I think it's a fair comparison but I would place a higher emphasis on McCluster's role in the offense versus the return game.

(H/T Chiefs447 for the link to the chat)

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