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Chiefs Have Near Perfect Attendance For Offseason Program

The Kansas City Chiefs officially kicked off their offseason program on March 29th ushering in the veterans to get back into or stay in shape for the upcoming offseason of workouts.

So what's the attendance been like?

We know Brian Waters hasn't attended the program and we've (correctly) assumed Mike Vrabel isn't in the fold once again.

So who else is missing?

No one, according to the Chiefs coach (via Bob Gretz of That's a near perfect attendance.

"Our guys didn’t want to go through that again and we told them we couldn’t afford to go through that again," said Haley. "Now they are in a position to get better, rather than trying to get back to the baseline. That was the key, we didn’t go backwards.

"Even the guys 10, 12 pounds over, they are much stronger looking and acting and they are going through the program. Last year we had multiple players that were 30, 40 pounds over."

The rookies will return in two weeks to what appears will be a room nearly full of veterans.

(H/T Arrowheadlines)

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