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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/4

Another day, another Arowheadlines. Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news.

That group got back to work on Monday morning as the rookies cleared out of the building and the program that began on March 29th continued on its way to a June conclusion after 10 weeks and 40 workouts.

"I am excited about the guys that have been here working out," Haley said. "I can’t stress that enough, I know I go over the top on this off-season (program), but it is so critical to success and you must be pushing towards the top in that area to have a chance to sustain and be a good team over the long haul. I am really excited about what these guys are doing here on a daily basis."

Here’s what is so exciting about the off-season program for Haley: with the exception of veterans Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel, every other player on the roster has been in the program.

"That’s everyone, 100 percent?" Haley was asked.

"Everyone," he said.

It’s A Crowded Weight Room … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Even if Berry becomes a star, this draft won’t be successful for the Chiefs if he’s all they get from it. In 2004, the Chiefs found an unheralded player in the fourth round and turned Jared Allen into a star, but the rest of their draft that year was a waste.

So other than second-round cornerback Arenas, who like Berry has an injury but should be ready to play in a couple of weeks, the Chiefs got a long look at their other picks. They had McCluster, their other second-round pick, in a variety of roles, from slot receiver to running back to punt returner.

Perhaps the most impressive of the rookies was Moeaki, who looked as if he could be a nice addition to the passing game.

Moeaki gave the defense fits during the only full-squad portion of practice that was open to reporters. His ability to get down the field exceeds that of veterans Leonard Pope and Brad Cottam.

Moeaki wasn’t quite ready to declare himself a worthy successor to Tony Gonzalez.

"He has a billion catches," Moeaki said, "and I have zero."

Chiefs harbor high hopes for this year’s draft class from KC Star

Whoa ... Super Bowl??? Talk about putting eight or ten carts before the horse!

Before you ask to see my prescription drug list, or demand mandatory testing for reporters, I'm not saying that I think the Chiefs are heading to Dallas next February for the championship game. However, I am saying that this group of players seem to be the kind of men that will capture the hearts and minds of Chiefs fans everywhere - and sell lots of jerseys, too. But most importantly, win games.

Chiefs rookies shine on and off the field during orientation weekend from

aPauled said: As always, appreciate your work and insights Bob. 1.) What do you think of the Chiefs O-Line going into 2010? I’m personally concerned with O’Callaghan and 37-year old Wiegmann. 2.) Thoughts on Brandon Carr? He seemed to have a sophomore slump…hopefully just a slump. 3.) Off-season sightings of Dorsey, Jackson, Magee, Albert or other Chiefs who may have hit the gym exceptionally hard or in contrast the burger stand?

Bob says: 1.) I think the starting offensive line will look like last year’s group with the change of Ryan Lilja at right guard. 2.) Carr had an OK season, although he did not finish the year with a very good performance against Denver in the final game. 3.) Haley said nobody on the team came in severely out of shape and that’s a great sign.

Answer Bob – Part #2 from Bob Gretz

"The fullback off tackle was the bread-and-butter play, and sometimes you would run that fullback up the middle," said Jack Park, author of The Official Ohio State Football Encyclopedia. "People used to joke that the only deception that Woody had in his offense was whether that fullback was going to go off the left tackle or the right tackle."

In the late 1960s, Jim Otis became a crucial part of Hayes’ game plan as he took over at fullback.

Otis led the team in rushing in each of his three seasons, from 1967 to 1969. In the 1960s, freshmen were not eligible to play, so Otis led the team in rushing in each of his three years of varsity competition...

...Otis went on to play football in the NFL after his time at OSU. His professional career spanned nine years, playing for the New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Saint Louis Cardinals.

He led the NFC in rushing yards in 1975 and was a Pro Bowl selection.

Otis fueled OSU ground game from fullback position from The Lantern

Player Tweets

BCarr39 I jus had a bad dream. I was late for a game in an unkown city! I was walkin around downtown with no clue where to go! I HAD to wake up!
almighty31 hungry, tired, n im sore.... great work 2day n imma relax 4 a minute after i eat
almighty31 tryna get my mac fixed n i gotta come back in a hour. bout to go eat at 810 sports zone then.
GlennDorsey72 Thanks>>>>RT @asmoul89: @GlennDorsey72: You are going to be an AWESOME player. Keep up the hard work; our defense needs you.
GlennDorsey72 Sitting on the lake wit pops, real peaceful ya know....

Media and Fans

Adam_Schefter Other suggested names from Twitterverse: New England Gators, NY Ravens, Arizona Steelers, Kansas City Patriots and Cleveland Jets.

SI_PeterKing RT @VShiancoe: Someone keeps farting on this damn plane.. cmon smh ... Visanthe Shiancoe gets farted upon. In midair.

kentbabb @Jawscho: It's a process.

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