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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/31


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A very happy Memorial Day to all of you. I hope everyone is able to take some time with friends and family in addition to remembering those that went before us. I'll be hopping in the shower when I finish this and heading into the city for this afternoon's Yankee-Indians game. Here's today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Be safe.

At Arrowhead, OTAs will be put on hold until Tuesday morning as the Chiefs players, coaches and front office staff takes time to remember those who have fallen while in service of our great country. The men and women of our Armed Forces are where America's true heroes reside, enabling each one of us to live under the shining colors of freedom.

Thank you to the countless men and women who have served on behalf of the American people. The sacrifices which you made will never be forgotten.

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty." - John F. Kennedy 

In Remembrance... from The Mothership
Slow holiday weekend folks. I did a little digging and found this nice video of Len Dawson remembering coach Hank Stram. Enjoy!

Lenny Dawson Remembers Coach Stram from Arrowhead Addict

Dexter McCluster-Kansas City Chiefs

Receiver play was a big issue for Kansas City last season but with QB Matt Cassel having a year of learning the offense as well as the full services of WRs Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers, the Chiefs look to build a strong receiving corps.

McCluster could have the advantage for the slot receiver position due to his speed and versatility.

He is a small but crafty athlete with the ability to create separation and make big plays for his team.

NFL Wide Receivers Destined for a Breakout Rookie Season from Bleacher Report

9) Willie Lanier

At 6’1’’, 245 pounds, Lanier would still be a prototypical middle or inside linebacker in today’s game – Patrick Willis is 6’1’’ and 242 pounds. That present-day size in a bygone era is what helped Lanier become an eight-time pro bowler, eight-time All-Pro, and a Hall of Famer in eleven NFL seasons.

Lanier missed only five games in his career and had 27 interceptions, which he returned for 440 yards and two touchdowns. He was called ‘Contact’ for his hard-hitting, punishing play.

Lanier was a fast, disciplined player who was the leader of a Kansas City Chiefs defense that dismantled the heavily-favored Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV. A three-down linebacker in any age.

10 Players from the Past Who Could Play In Today's NFL from Bleacher Report

Jonathan in Chicago wants to know how the Dwayne Bowe situation will play out in Kansas City and whether the Chiefs can finish first or second in the division. I do think the Chiefs can give the Raiders and Broncos a good run for second place with about six wins, but that's about it. By Bowe reportedly saying his teammates arranged for girls to be at the team hotel to greet them, it's going to be hard for teammates to have great trust in him. …

June will continue swoon from ESPN

Both Time Warner Cable and Cablevision are facing the expiration of agreements to carry some of TV's most popular channels, setting the stage for another round of public battles in which viewers run the risk of losing programming just as the fall season, and perhaps more importantly, the football season, are getting underway.

The negotiations that are expected to be the most contentious involve Time Warner Cable and Disney, sources said...

...In Time Warner's case, the stakes are especially high: On Sept. 13, ESPN is scheduled to broadcast two games, the Jets vs. the Baltimore Ravens and the San Diego Chargers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. ESPN's Monday Night Football had an average 14.4 million viewers last year.

One source said the NFL would likely take a dim view if Disney were to yank the signal ahead of a big game.

Cable wars loom from The New York Post

Player Tweets

GlennDorsey72 #celtics RT @Friar_Faithful: @GlennDorsey72 predictions for the NBA finals?
BCarr39 I need something to do today
BCarr39 The pool sounds good but I had enough water yesterday plus I don't need the tan!
BCarr39 RT @fancypantsbeer: @BCarr39 KC vs Pittsburgh is on NFL Network right now. Who wins?""I'm gonna put my money on KC in OT! Lol
BCarr39 I didn't know it cost $ to go to the beach!
almighty31 At home watching Mortal Kombat waiting on my pizza to arrive. Love peace and quiet...... Ahhhhh!!!!!! * kicks feet up*
almighty31 RT @AndyMount: @almighty31 what kind of Pizza you waitin on?>>> pineapple and emburger lol
almighty31 Ain't nothin like scorpion and sub-zero
BCarr39 At this Jill Scott/Maxwell concert hoping it doesn't rain!
BCarr39 Maxwell, we're all jus sittin out here waitin for ya soooo if u could come to the stage n the next few mins it would b appreciated. Thanks!
BCarr39 That was one hell of a concert!
BFlowers24 liv smdh kc shuttn it down

Media and Fans

Adam_Schefter On Memorial Day weekend, please think about the brave people who gave their lives for this country and our freedom.

kentbabb Here's my story on how KC's boxing scene changed after a local fighter, Randie Carver, died after a fight.

JoshLooney America The Beautiful a perfect song for today (@ Southminster Presbyterian Church)

JoshLooney Bummer...OK Joe's BBQ closed on Sundays...where is @kentbabb when you need him?

kentbabb @joshlooney @CH1EFSfan: Greatness doesn't need a break. The rest of us do. Humans aren't capable of handling 7 days of OK Joe's temptation.

SI_PeterKing RT @me9823: Why is Lombardi no longer writing the column? ... Going to NFL Network, fulltime.

PTIShow Enjoy these short films on the living players who scored goals in the World Cup Final. Beautiful/addictive.

HermEdwardsESPN Indoor plumbing only! Was a Boy Scout. Didn't like sleeping in a tent. RT @Ethan_Ogle: @HermEdwardsESPN a camping kinda guy?

HermEdwardsESPN Tomorrow Memorial Day take a moment to reflect on the men & women who have served our country. Have a great day!

HermEdwardsESPN Gates & Jack Stacks (love their beans) RT @mrkchusker: what's you're favorite BBQ place when you visit?

kentbabb Groan. I can dig on Jack Stack, but Gates? Thought sure he'd be LC's or OK Joe's RT @HermEdwardsESPN: Gates & Jack Stacks (love their beans)

It's Game Time.

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