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Interviews With Dexter McCluster and Jerheme Urban

Slooow Sunday today folks. Not much going on in the NFL this afternoon, let alone with the Kansas City Chiefs

To pass the time, check out a couple of interviews from 610 Sports with current Chiefs OW Dexter McCluster and WR Jerheme Urban. These took place over the last couple of days. 

Listen to Urban's interview here. And listen to McCluster here

If you recall, Urban played for Todd Haley in Arizona. When asked about similarities between Haley's system and Charlie Weis's system, Urban said, "It's very similar. I think that this is kind of the original system. A lot of the same concepts, different verbiage. I'm making sure that I'm running the right play compared to what I'm used to the last few years. It's the nuts and bolts of it."

Dexter McCluster was asked about how he's interacting with his new teammates. He said,  "It's been so different here in Kansas City. The guys that brought you in want to teach you, they want to coach you up. Because some of those veterans want to win now. It's something they stress all the time."

McCluster was also asked if he was gravitating towards any of the veterans. McCluster said WR Chris Chambers came to him and said, "Dex, I'm one of those veterans. Any questions you have, come to me and I'll explain the best way I can."

Also, McCluster was asked how many autographs he's signed since he moved to KC. 


Surprised? We'll see if someone can ask McCluster that same question in six months. 

It's Game Time.

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