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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/30

Good morning, and welcome to Arrowheadlines. Today's Kansas City Chiefs news includes a look at some roster spots up for grabs, and a look at some of the fans we can share our misery with. Enjoy!

We’ve talked about the battles waging for roster slots in the defensive backfield – 15 players in total, many of who play multiple positions. It looks wide open.

We’ve also talked about the positioning for playing time amongst the wide receivers, particularly out of the slot position. Add the tight ends, centers and inside linebackers to the list as well.

Truth is, there are far more positions on this team classified as "up for grabs" rather than "safe" at the moment. While many of the positional battles mentioned above will be both well followed and well documented throughout the rest of spring and into summer, there are other positional battles lurking in the shadows that have generally gone overlooked. These are the battles that aren’t for starting positions, but that will go a long way in determining the final few roster slots on this football team.

Here are three positional battles that I find interesting, but remain off the beaten path.

Insider Blog: Off The Beaten Path from The Mothership

Whether you jumped the red and gold bandwagon in the 1960s, or were transformed into an Arrowhead maniac in the 1990s, you have waited for the moment to hold that index finger a loft and scream "we’re No. 1." In a never ending belief that ultimate victory was possible, you have lived through rebuilding after rebuilding – Paul Wiggin to Marv Levy to John Mackovic and on and on, to now year No. 2 of Pioli/Haley.

Still, no Lombardi Trophy has moved into Arrowhead Stadium since January 11, 1970. The Super Bowl IV champion Chiefs raised the trophy that day after their victory over the Minnesota Vikings in New Orleans.

Since then, the team has played 40 seasons of football without another league title. Your frustration makes you think nobody has waited as long for a return to a championship season as Chiefs fans.

You would be wrong, very wrong.

Waiting For a Championship from Bob Gretz

Kansas City Chiefs: Chief fans have to have a lot of hope going into the 2010 season that this team can possibly compete for the division. The additions of offensive coordinator Charlie Weis and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel should lead to improvements on both sides of the football. The Chiefs very well could have the best rushing attack in the NFL next season, as they added Thomas Jones to go along with the emerging Jamaal Charles. If the Chiefs were right on second round pick Dexter McCluster, who they hope can play the slot receiver, this offense could be very dangerous in 2010. The Chiefs also added a lot of talent to the secondary with their first round pick of safety Eric Berry and second round pick in corner Javier Arenas. Still how good this defense is in 2010 will depend on the improvement of defensive ends Glen Dorsey and Tyson Jackson.

Odds to win AFC West in 2010 from Bet Firms

5. BRAD COTTAM: Hampered by a rash of injuries in college, the 6-7, 265-pounder started just 10 games - six as a junior and four as a senior. On those rare occasions when he was healthy, however, he proved to be one of the most dangerous tight ends in college football. He caught only two passes as a sophomore and five as a senior but sandwiched those injury-plagued seasons around a junior year which saw him catch 14 balls for 182 yards. Although he finished his college career with just 21 receptions, his 16.2 yards-per-catch averaged convinced the Kansas City Chiefs to select him in Round 3 of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Best of the decade: TEs from

Local Sports Stars to Sign Autographs at Downtown Days Festival

The Downtown Days committee is excited to announce the lineup of this year’s local sports stars that will be signing autographs at the festival. The autograph booth will be located near the Depot Stage on SE Main Street in Downtown Lee’s Summit. The booth is open all three days of the festival, June 4-6, 2010...

...Long time KC Chiefs fans will want to be sure and stop by the booth on Sunday, June 6th starting at 1 pm. Fred Arbanas, a Lee's Summit resident, will sign until 3 pm. Arbanas was a 9 year player for the Dallas Texans and KC Chiefs playing on both Super Bowl teams. Since his career ended, Arbanas has been a long time Jackson County legislator. Arbanas will be joined by Bob "warpaint" Johnson who rode the Chiefs mascot Warpaint for 17 seasons. Johnson got his start in KC as a mascot for the Kansas City A's baseball team.

Sports stars to sign autographs at Downtown Days Festival from Press Release Central

Player Tweets

almighty31 Rise n shine. Time to do a light workout. Wat r u doin with ur day????
GlennDorsey72 Hello goodevening!!! Shower!!!!
BCarr39 Off to the waterpark I go!
GlennDorsey72 Yacht clubb everybody welcome truss meh!!!!
BCarr39 It won't be easy but the Celtics will find a way to get it done! Preferably closing it out in L.A. hmmmm

Media and Fans

mellinger Me: how was the bachelor party? Friend: we were like Lew Perkins. Me: huh? Friend: we lacked institutional control

mellinger About this KC Super Bowl stuff: obviously it'd be great but don't forget we couldve guaranteed it by passing the rolling roof recently

Jay_Glazer Yes people, Jared actually did it. The now-Mulletless man has just said his vows. It's official. Now I'm waiting for pigs to fly next

HermEdwardsESPN i hope it's matt cassel RT @SirSneebsaB: @HermEdwardsESPN Hey coach! which chief is most likely to break out this season?

HermEdwardsESPN EVERYOne has a right to have an opinion RT @Prok2: @HermEdwardsESPN alot of fans say you were NOT a very bright HC. Your response??

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