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Henderson's Radio Appearance Had 'No Effect' On Canceled Visit With Chiefs

Yes, we're back to the John Henderson visit (or canceled visit, rather).

Henderson was scheduled to visit the Chiefs and when Nick Wright of 610 Sports heard this, he got Henderson on his show. At that time, he confirmed the scheduled visit. Then, as reported by Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, the visit was canceled

As Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star wrote over the weekend, the Chiefs have a "CIA-like secrecy" about them, which caused some folks to wonder if the visit was canceled because of Henderson's interaction with the local media.

According to Bob Gretz of, that's not the case.

"One thing I'm sure of and that's Henderson's appearance on local radio had no effect on the interest or lack of interest on the part of the Chiefs," Gretz reported.

That settles that.

Gretz also questioned another rumor making the rounds that Henderson talked to a few former Chiefs and "decided he didn't want any part of the Haley/Parcells style." Gretz isn't buying that rumor citing Henderson's playing time under Tom Coughlin, a coach in the same mold as Haley and Parcells.

So we're back to square one with Henderson, which is we have no clue what happened.   

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