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Once Again, Chiefs Practicing Without Arrowheads On The Helmets

via <a href="">Kansas City Star</a>
via Kansas City Star

One tidbit I forgot to mention during my time at Arrowhead this weekend was that the Chiefs are once again practicing without the Arrowheads on their helmets. This is an old Bill Parcells motivational tool that was employed last year.

The story goes that the players have to earn the Arrowhead decals. Once they "officially" make the team, they'll wear the decals.

Here's what Todd Haley said on the subject last year:

"The arrowhead thing," Haley said at the time, "I didn't do it to start any kind of controversy of any kind. It was more of a point of we're starting from ground zero and we're going to earn the right to be Kansas City Chiefs."    

This was a topic of conversation last year. However, I don't remember it being any sort of big deal when they actually earned them.

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