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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/3

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Welcome to Monday, AP. Not a lot of stories this morning, but there are some good ones. Mr. Gretz's article has some great observations about how the rookies performed at the end. Enjoy today's Kansas City Chiefs news.

All seven of the Chiefs draft choices spoke to the media for a few moments during the rookie camp, and all of them repeatedly used words like compete, opportunity, willing to contribute, do anything I’m asked. It almost made you think they were scripted.

They weren’t. Certainly they said things they knew the head coach and organization would like to hear. But that would be the cynical outlook on their words. Those that prefer a bit more optimism and hope should consider this: they were seven players from seven different college football programs but they all have the same goals and desires, and it would seem personalities.

They all took to heart one thing that Haley told them during their first meeting of the camp: you don’t know what you don’t know. As Bill Parcells would say – and maybe Haley did too – you are rookies, act like it.

And they won over their head coach.

Wrapping Up Rookie Camp … Monday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

McCluster admitted this weekend that this wasn’t the first time he’s been questioned about his size. It’s also not the first time he overcame those concerns and thrived. He played running back and receiver for the Rebels, catching 130 passes and rushing for 1,955 yards in four seasons. Haley said Friday that McCluster was one of the Chiefs’ highest-rated running backs and wide receivers on the team’s draft board when its turn came up early in the second round.

He was small for Southeastern Conference standards, too. Not that it affected his performance or confidence.

"There was never a time at Ole Miss that I doubted myself," McCluster said. "All my life growing up, I’ve been a smaller guy and had to prove (myself) to people. It was pretty much the fuel to my success."

New Chief McCluster shows strength to make up for lack of size from KC Star

Bob Karmelowicz, the Chiefs defensive line coach for nine seasons, passed away Saturday at the age of 60.

Karmelowicz, who coached for the Chiefs from 1997 through 2005, had battled cancer of the nasal passages.

While with the Chiefs, he served under three head coaches: Marty Schottenheimer, Gunther Cunningham and Dick Vermeil. Perhaps his biggest achievement was making one of the game's top pass rushers out of a little-known fourth-round draft pick from tiny Idaho State, Jared Allen.

Remembering Bob Karmelowicz from The Red Zone

Jared Allen did not make the immediate impact he wanted to when he joined the Vikings in 2008.

The Pro Bowl defensive end decided to do something about this and hired his old defensive line coach, Bob Karmelowicz, to help him out on a free-lance basis.

Karmelowicz had been Allen’s position coach with the Kansas City Chiefs but he was unemployed that season, so Allen started paying for Karmelowicz to travel to Minnesota each Tuesday.

Allen's 'coach' Karmelowicz passes away from The Star Tribune

Lewis is the "other" safety the Chiefs drafted. Dogged by a slow time in the 40-yard dash in the NFL combine, he dropped to the fifth round, 131 players after KC made Tennessee safety Eric Berry the overall No. 5 player selected.

While stardom is forecast for Berry, Lewis knows he'll have work to do.

He also knows that if it hadn't been the slow time at the combine, he probably would have gone higher.

"It hurt me. But that's life," Lewis said. "You've got to take things and run with it. That was the situation I was put in. I've just got to move on from that situation and build from there. I'm with the Kansas City Chiefs and I'm going to do my best here."

Haley over the moon about camp from The Globe and Mail

Player Tweets

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Media and Fans

kentbabb RT OGOchoCinco If i win mega millions i am gonna buy the celebration rules from the NFL and burn them

SI_PeterKing Just got a warm text, if there are such things from Jared Allen, pupil of the late Bob Karmelowicz. Very emotional about Karm's death.

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