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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/29



Wow, just wow. It seems all the Chiefs writers are taking advantage of the holiday weekend, and Twitter seems to be down for the moment. Here's the Kansas City Chiefs news I could dig up.

I was at my daughters swim practice the other day and I had a brief but interesting conversation with one of the other dads. He is a college scout for a NFL team so I asked him what he thought of the Chiefs draft. His response wasn’t what I expected...

...After going home and thinking about it, maybe I didn’t hear what I wanted to hear but maybe I heard something better. Maybe what I heard was without a quality coaching staff it doesn’t matter who you draft. Maybe what I heard is a quality draft is predicated on what the coaching staff does with those players once they arrive and without proper structure and guidance any pick could be a failure? That would explain why some teams always seem to have good drafts and some teams always seem to have bad ones, wouldn’t it?

The Biggest Offseasn Additions? from Arrowhead Addict

KC Star Video: Chiefs' Haley on Weis and Cassel

KC Video: 1 on 1 with Alex Magee

"I'm going to say it one time and one time only," said Bowe. "I apologize to the organization, the team, those guys who I put in a bind. My words was misunderstood and baseless and were said without malice. Everybody who knows Dwayne Bowe knows my personality, knows I'm a jokester, knows I like to have fun and stuff like that. Now, it taught me I got to take things serious and think before you talk because words can get you in trouble."

Riiiiight. I'm not sure that I even know what that statement means other than Bowe must have missed the day they discussed grammar when he was at LSU.  Misunderstood, baseless, and without malice?  Where'd that come from?

Chiefs Bowe says that he was misquoted, magazine editor says it's all on tape from

Finally I just go for it. Shake his hand, "Hi, I'm John." "Hi, I'm Mike Goff." Holy crap, it's Mike Goff. Mike Goff who I always praised as one of the biggest keys to turning the Chargers around (he finally gave the line some consistency). Mike Goff, who, last year I told Chiefs fans was "done". I hope he didn't read that.

Just then, Latos shows up and takes center stage. Surrounded by about 10 guys, Mat goes right into hilarious story after hilarious story. At some point, I drift back over to Mike (what can I say? football's my first love) and we start chatting about his time in Kansas City (details below)...

  • He is now a San Diego native and loves it here. He wants to spend the rest of his life here.
  • He thinks, in the right situation, Matt Cassel could be a hell of a QB.
  • As you would imagine, he has really mangled hands and fingers. However, Marty Caswell cares more about Shawne Merriman than she does Mike's mangled fingers.
  • If you put a pizza in front of Mike Goff, it will get eaten. There is not a scenario in which that statement is not true.
  • He has gotten offers this offseason from three teams, although I won't say which. He didn't say this, but I think he's waiting to see what happens in San Diego's training camp/preseason before deciding his next step.
  • Mike loves to read, and he would love some sort of career in broadcasting or a radio show so that he could say what he really feels about the people he's played with/for/against.
  • When he finally hangs them up, Mr. Goff is going to go get his degree in Sociology. Because, as he put it, "people interest me."
  • Alcoholic Drinks with Mat Latos, Darren Balsley and Mike Goff from Bolts from the Blue

    26. Kansas City Chiefs (5-11) 4th in the AFC West

    The Kansas City Chiefs look to build Matt Cassel's performance back to his days in New England. But let's face it, Brian Brohm could flourish in the Patriots' offense.

    Nothing against Cassel, but Dwayne Bowe is no Randy Moss and KC has no one to compare to Wes Welker.

    The Chiefs drafted what could be the 2010 defensive rookie of the year in Eric Berry, who looks to become their best defensive player in the near future.

    Jamaal Charles is primed to have a breakout season but right now, the Chiefs just don't have enough to contend.

    The Soon-To-Be-Wrong 2010 NFL Supremacy Rankings: May Edition from Bleacher Report

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