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Chiefs Ranked As The 18th Best NFL Franchise

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Adam Schein of FOX Sports ranked all 32 NFL franchises based on the following criteria:

We rank franchises 1 to 32 based upon: Owner, front office, head coach, coaching staff, QB and "intangibles," -- a combo of fan support, facilities, stadium and PR. Teams were scored 1 (lowest) to 10 (Peyton Manning) in each group.

Schein's a big Scott Pioli fan so I imagine they ranked well in front office.

The Chiefs came in 18th. Here's what he had to say:

Scott Pioli is a phenomenal executive. Carl Peterson and Herman Edwards ran the Chiefs straight into the ground, and Pioli has already made great progress in this major rebuilding job. Todd Haley is a solid first-time head coach with a new all-star staff featuring Charlie Weis (pictured) and Romeo Crennel. I have no idea what the Chiefs really have at quarterback.  

You can see the video breakdown here.