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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/28

Good morning, AP! I'm done with NYC for the week, so I was able to include some tweets today. I was at the Javits Center most of the week for Book Expo America, a convention where publishers can show off what upcoming titles they have. They also bring in a lot of authors to sign. I can report that Tony Hawk is much taller than I expected, Rick Springfield was looking rough, and Bernadette Peters still looks pretty fine. Anyway, here's todays Kansas City Chiefs news.

During Thursday’s OTA session, the Chiefs offense ran the two-minute drill. They had 90 seconds, 70 yards to go and two timeouts to score a touchdown. On the second play of the possession, QB Matt Cassel and WR Dexter McCluster connected on a short slant pass that McCluster took to the end zone.

Only Todd Haley didn’t see it that way. As the on-field official for this drill, Haley blew his whistle and ruled McCluster had been tackled after a 30 to 40-yard gain. It was a first down, but the clock was still rolling.

Rather than get his team on the line of scrimmage to run another play, or to stop the clock by downing the ball, Cassel was intent on arguing for the touchdown. Offensive coordinator Charlie Weis was yelling at him to get set and ready to run another play, but Cassel was steamed and he was letting Haley know about it. Eventually, Weis called a timeout.

A Holiday Grab Bag … Friday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

The idea of moving Dorsey again is a nod to the lineman’s athleticism, but it also could be an acknowledgement that the Chiefs are looking for an upgrade at nose tackle. Veteran Ron Edwards started 14 games last season, and he’s expected to begin the season as the starter. The Chiefs signed free-agent lineman Shaun Smith, but they didn’t select a nose tackle in the draft. General manager Scott Pioli said before the draft that the team had considered experimenting with Dorsey at nose tackle.

The Chiefs also have a new defensive-line coach, former NFL lineman Anthony Pleasant, who replaced Tim Krumrie. Dorsey said it’s just the latest adjustment that he’s experienced in his two-plus seasons — nothing he’s not used to by now.

"This is our job," Dorsey said. "This is what we do."

Chiefs’ Dorsey may find himself moving on the line from KC Star

He owns a piece of the country's most powerful sports league, has an unlimited supply of beer, and he has a big heart for charity.


The subject of this week's Faces of Kansas City is a six-time NFL Pro-Bowler, but all that pales in comparison to what Deron Cherry is currently up to.


Oddly enough, Cherry, a Chiefs legend, said he feels most comfortable on a soccer field.


"We practice every night," he said.


Three of Cherry's four children play soccer. Two are in competitive leagues, which means they travel a lot.

Faces Of Kansas City: Deron Cherry from

Other owners may have agreed to the change in tradition because it could potentially open the door to bring a Super Bowl to their city one day.  But c’mon, if you’re the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, are you that naïve to think that one day the biggest game of the year is coming to Missouri?????  If so, he and Zach Randolph must share the same drug dealer.

Still fuming about Super Bowl 14 in NY / Lakers will roll tonight from 1070 The Fan

Today's Kool-Aid:

The Kansas City Chiefs are going back to the playoffs for the first time since 2006. Mark it down.

This prediction is not a popular one as most people believe the Chargers will be the class of the AFC West once again, but I believe the Chiefs have the pieces in place to challenge for and ultimately win the division this season.

Why The Chiefs Will Win The West from Bleacher Report

Pro footballer Jared Allen hasn't played a down for the Chiefs since 2007. Yet until a current player finds himself in an Arizona bar, threatening to write checks with some homeboy's name, he remains the team's most interesting player.

Alas, Allen's connection to Kansas City gets weaker by the day. The All-Pro recently annulled the Missouri compromise that once shot fiercely out of the back of his helmet.

Jared Allen, ex-Chief, pulls a Samson, loses mullet from The Pitch

Notice where their link leads...

NFL: Good to see that Chiefs rookie Eric Berry is getting acclimated to Kansas City. He already knows that you can't go wrong going to Gates for lip-smacking barbecue.

Fly's rumorama: Jason Heyward, Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, Eric Berry, Buzz Bissinger from The Sporting News

Player Tweets

GlennDorsey72 I got a feeelin!!!
BCarr39 Another long weekend...
GlennDorsey72 Haha! That's wussup! RT @CFoD: @GlennDorsey72 Look, twins separated at birth.
studie32 Driving home for the weekend....steffen family wedding!
GlennDorsey72 No nap fa me...#damuphone
studie32 Just finished watching "vision quest"... classic.
GlennDorsey72 107.3 got me in a better mood...
BCarr39 Anything exciting going on this weekend in KC...?
GlennDorsey72 Everbody follow my barber @JoeyCuts the coldest barber in KC! Big influence in the community also!

Media and Fans

mellinger In @berry1429 's defense, he's a rookie. Kid'll learn that OK Joes >> Gates RT @ArrowheadPride Chiefs Eric Berry Enters The KC Bbq Debate

kentbabb McCluster: "It kind of just broke. ... I just pushed through it, and now I've got to get some new cleats."

kentbabb Kudos to Bowe for facing reporters today. However, playing the "misquoted" card is a bad move. I doubt anyone actually believes that.

Adam_Schefter Whoa RT @TonyGonzalez88: SO glad to be home! We took off and the right engine went out. Had to make emergency landing. Good day to be alive!

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