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Chiefs Would Be Wise To Employ More Zone Blitzes

So we know the Chiefs defensive numbers weren't very good in 2009. That's no secret. 

However, here's something they were good at: Zone blitzing.

The problem: They only ran a zone blitz on less than 3% of the defensive plays in 2009.

The basic (and very simple) idea behind a zone blitz is disguising your coverages. As Yahoo! Sports explains, Dick LeBeau is the mastermind behind it. In Pittsburgh, they might have had Troy Polamalu crashing through the middle while nose tackle Casey Hampton covered a flat.

Doug Farrar (normally of Football Outsiders) breaks down the Chiefs zone blitzing efficiency.

But they were by far the most efficient defense in the NFL when they brought zone blitzes against their opponents. Of the 28 pass attempts against the Chiefs' zone blitzes, 11 were completed for just 97 yards and one touchdown. Of the 17 unsuccessful passes, two were interceptions and four were sacks. Think about that: Of the team's 22 sacks, four (18 percent) came on a series of formations the defense ran a mere 2.7 percent of the time.

If the Chiefs are paying attention to these numbers (and they are) I think it would be a good assumption that there will be more zone blitzes in 2010.   

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