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Chiefs Rookie Eric Berry Enters The Kansas City Barbecue Debate

Possibly the most divisive topic in Kansas City: Who's got the best barbecue?

If you've been reading Arrowhead Pride for some time, then you know where Chris and I stand. Oklahoma Joe's is far and away the best. Specifically, a Z-man with fries (those fries!) may be the best order in Kansas City.

Well, Eric Berry has entered the debate.

He tweeted on Wednesday night that he was headed out to get some barbecue.

From Gates.

He said it was "on point" and he's right. It is good.  But if he truly wants to experience the best meal in town, turn that car west and head to Oklahoma Joe's.

He's new to the city so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt but we can't continue to see Berry display questionable judgment like this.

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