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Final Photos Of Chiefs Trip To Whiteman Air Force Base


So I've already had a couple posts today on our trip out to Whiteman Air Force Base with Todd Haley and a few Chiefs players. You can see more pictures and stories of the trip here and here.

Here are the rest of the photos I took. Some are interesting. Some are not. But they'll just sit on my Sprint Palm Pre so I thought I'd share them. Plus, you know, it's the offseason.


Deron Cherry, Chiefs Hall of Famer. Did you know he's also a partial owner in the Jaguars?


NFL Hall of Famer Bobby Bell and QB Matt Gutierrez in the background. Bobby Bell still draws a big reaction from the fans.


Chiefs Cheerleader and KC Wolf. I never did see if KC Wolf rode all the way out to the base in his costume. It's about an hour drive. Something you never think about.


Brodie Croyle signing an autograph. He seems pretty laid back. Someone Chris would be friends with, I think.


Thomas Jones posing for a picture. He talked about playing in a game why a fly-over beforehand. It seems like most of the players enjoy the fly-overs (as do the fans).


Todd Haley speaking to the crowd. Hot day to wear a sport coat.

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