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Super Bowl Buzz Building In Kansas City

Predictably the sports talk radio shows this morning were discussing the 2014 Super Bowl awarded to New York and what this means for future games in cold-weather cities. We've been tracking the various cold-weather city owners out there who are now expressing interest in a Super Bowl.

Are the Chiefs one of those teams? Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports weighed in on that this morning.

"I think the precedent is set and the Chiefs should be one of the first cold-weather teams after New York to be awarded a Super Bowl because if it wasn't for the Hunt family, the Super Bowl wouldn't even exist," Fescoe said this morning on 610 Sports. "The Hunt family named the game for gosh sakes so they should be in the rotation. The Hunt family, Lamar obviously, is responsible in part for the NFL being the way it is today."

Imagine Mr. Fescoe's plan: Media row at Bartle Hall, Fan Fest at Sprint Center, one team practicing at Arrowhead and staying in Kansas City, MO and the other team staying in Overland Park, KS and practicing at KU's indoor practice facility.

Hotels might be a slight problem but there's currently folks trying to build a 1,000 room hotel downtown so that would help with the Super Bowl efforts.

President of the Kansas City Sports Commission Kevin Gray also appeared on the show and said, logistically, a Kansas City Super Bowl could happen. The two priorities would be a stadium and getting the Hunts on board.

The Chiefs (and the city) dropped a few hundred million into Arrowhead and were rewarded with a Monday Night Football game to start the 2010 season so the stadium is up to snuff.

"I think certainly Clark, Daniel and the Hunts would have to have strong interest," Gray said, "and they would have a lot of insights on what we can and can't do and what we should and shouldn't do....I think we have all the components and all the host city coordinations."

I suspect this buzz will continue until Clark Hunt weighs in on it.

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