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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Visits Whiteman Air Force Base


I spent the morning out at Whiteman Air Force Base with Chiefs QB Matt Cassel and a few other players including coach Todd Haley.

First thing I noticed about Cassel was that he was intently focused on meeting all the military folks. It was pretty cool to see him stop and show an interest in what they do since everyone is usually focused on him.

"It's great to come out here to Whiteman Air Force Base and be here with our service men and women that serve our country so well," he said. "They're able to sacrifice for us as a country and allow us to do what we do for a living."

It was interesting watching Chiefs PR trying to get him to leave. They were telling him it was time to go but he didn't step away until all the folks in line for autographs and pictures had been taken care of. You hear stories like that about players but to see it in person was pretty cool.


The strangest part of the day? Cassel signing an autograph in front of a soldier with a machine gun.

"That was kinda crazy," Cassel said. "I'm not gonna lie. I was sitting there going, 'Should I not step over this line? Where's my boundary?' But it was great to meet these people up close and personal."

Joining Haley and Cassel were the rest of the Chiefs quarterback as well as the running backs. There were a couple other special guests that I'll mention in another posting this afternoon.

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