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Hold Your Horses: Tyson Jackson Not On His Way To 'Biggest Draft Busts In Recent Memory'

Whoa now, ESPN. Slow down.

The World-Wide Leader came out with an article identifying -- correctly, I might add -- the Chiefs biggest weakness. They say its the defensive line and I would venture to guess that a good chunk of you would agree.

However, I'm guessing that most wouldn't agree with this extreme statement about Chiefs DE Tyson Jackson:

Jackson was just all-around awful in his rookie season. Though he was considered the top 3-4 defensive end in last year's draft class, there is still a very steep learning curve because he didn't play in this scheme at LSU. If he doesn't improve this season, he could go down as one of the biggest busts in recent memory.     

Whoa now. It's well-known that defensive tackles take a little extra time to develop -- particularly when they're switching positions -- but by next season he'll be one of the biggest busts in history?

That's a stretch.

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