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Weis Gives Haley Chance To Play Good Cop

There's been a lot made of the acquisition of Charlie Weis and how he'll work with Chiefs head coach Todd Haley. Both are strong personalities who like to do things their way. Both are loud at times. Both come the Bill Parcells tree so that's not hard to figure out.

On 610 Sports this morning, NT Shaun Smith even compared Haley's demeanor to Parcells.

Because you have two Parcells-esque type of guys around, it gives Haley a chance to be the good guy once in a while.

"I don't have to be the bad guy all the time," Haley said yesterday afternoon in response to a question about Weis', uh, vocal demeanor on the field.

Last year I imagine the players from the previous regime received some shock when they were approached with Haley's coaching methods versus Herm Edwards'. I'm not saying one is better than the other but they are distinctly separate from each other.

Haley seemed to agree with the "good cop/bad cop" idea a reporter brought up. He called it a "good balance" between the staff.

"I think there is a good balance there, no different than...there's a great balance, you know (Assistant Head Coach) Maurice Carthon is another one of our emotional guys or one that's not afraid to get after our players and there's got to be a balance there."    

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