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Chiefs Coach Says Dorsey Has To Be "Big-Time Contributor"

Chiefs DE Glenn Dorsey is entering his third season in the NFL and his third coordinator. He made strides last year in his first as a defensive end. That was no more evident than the Browns game when Dorsey was absent.

The result was a near record-setting day by Browns RB Jerome Harrison.

Who? Yeah, exactly.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley recently said (via Sporting News) Dorsey is expected to play a big role and needs to play a big role.

"This year, he didn't go backwards. He came in way ahead of where he was. I think he's got the right mindset to become a good player. To me, he has some versatility. If he's doing the things he has to do, we'll have him in there and he'll end up being a contributor. And he has to be a big-time contributor."

He has to be a big-time contributor because the Chiefs didn't do much else to upgrade the front seven. They've placed all their chips in developing the guys in-house. Outside of Shaun Smith and a fifth round pick, not much has been done to the Chiefs defensive personnel.

As noted in cbrown22's FanPost, Romeo Crennel will likely play a big role if Dorsey becomes that "big-time contributor."

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