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Former Colts Coach Howard Mudd Attends Chiefs Practice

This isn't really related to anything but something interesting Bob Gretz of reported: Former Colts offensive line coach Howard Mudd attended Chiefs practice today.

Mudd is a former Chiefs coach himself from 1989-1992.

Mudd retired from the Colts after the Super Bowl. He was in Indianapolis for Ryan Lilja's entire career so I imagine that's part of the connection (and his wife is from Missouri).

Mudd's offensive line philosophy seems to mesh with what the Chiefs are trying to do. I read SB Nation's Stampede Blue quite often (I went to the Super Bowl for a week with BigBlueShoe) and they've talked about Mudd quite a bit.

Mudd preferred players who were smaller, quicker, and used superior technique to beat opponents. The premium was on pass blocking, protecting the franchise that is Peyton Manning. Guys like Ryan Lilja (6'2, 290 pounds) fit that mold and excelled greatly in the system Mudd used for 11 years in Indy.


Mudd coached the Colts offensive line from 1998 to last year. He's now retired. Mudd utilized quick, under-sized guys that were best at zone blocking. Pass protection was the focus, run second. The results fielded the greatest offense in NFL history over a 10 year period.

I'd say that's similar to what the Chiefs are trying to do. Todd Haley asked a lot of them to cut weight last year. They brought in Lilja. They're zone-blocking.

I wonder what he thought of the Chiefs offensive line (in May).

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