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Chiefs' McCluster Gets Some Practice In The Wildcat

The Chiefs say they drafted Dexter McCluster because they needed playmakers. Apparently, Todd Haley was one of the folks pushing for McCluster the most. He'll be a receiver and a running back as well as possibly returning kicks and punts.

The Chiefs are also interested in what he can do at quarterback.

(Editor's Note: He's like the showoff in grade school that is the best at every position.)

Quarterback for Dexter McCluster of course means the wildcat. According to BobGretz of, the Chiefs had McCluster in as the wildcat at one point during practice.

The offense was very active running the Wildcat formation in this practice. Most of the snaps went to rookie RB/WR Dexter McCluster, although RBs Thomas Jones and Kestahn Moore also took direct snaps. McCluster attempted several passes on his plays, including one during the team session that landed at the feet of his intended receiver.

(Another Editor's Note: Thomas Jones is like the kid in grade school who was like three years older than everyone, 50 pounds heavier and lined up at quarterback running you over. So unfair.)

A reporter referenced the wildcat to Haley during this afternoon's press conference and here's what he had to say then.

"Well, I think as you get to know the team....I think you'll have to take the camera away now we're telling secrets. Some of it's bluff. Some of it's not."

I'm fairly certain he was joking. Here's his reaction. What do you think?


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