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Chiefs Enter 'Lockdown Mode' On Dwayne Bowe Issue

Predictably, Chiefs players aren't saying much about the Dwayne Bowe issue.

An Associated Press article describes the Chiefs as in "lockdown mode" regarding the receiver's ESPN the Magazine blurb about "importing" women while on the road.

The Chiefs were mum on Bowe's lurid story on Monday, with coach Todd Haley calling it an "internal matter" and players throughout the locker room repeating "no comment" at every turn.    

This is about what everyone expected.

If the Chiefs issued a statement or held a public discussion about the topic, that just means more and more people would be talking about which means the story would be kept alive.

For the Chiefs sake and for Bowe's sake, it's best the silence continues.

Former Chiefs players were quick to distance themselves from the story so it would be smart if everyone involved did the same.

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