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A Good Charlie Weis Story

Over the past week many of the headlines have been about Dwayne Bowe, "importing" and other things of that nature.

Fortunately, there is some good Chiefs news going on out there. Take this story of Charlie Weis and a young man who recently passed away from brain cancer. I'll pick it up in the middle of the story to entice you to read it all.

"Charlie came in and signed a football for Cole," Randy said. "I'm looking at it right now, as a matter of fact, in our living room, in a case. It says, 'Cole, to a true example of the Fighting Irish, Charlie Weis.' "

"When I saw Charlie waltzing in, I was tickled for Cole, because I knew what it would mean to him," Nancy said. "It had been a whirlwind for Charlie. He still had to coach the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, then recruit, and now he was in the middle of spring practice. We knew how busy he was. By the time they got the message to him, he said, 'Why would you think I wouldn't show up?'     

Weis met the young man in April of 2005 and kept up with him until May 10th of this year, when he passed away.

Read the full story from the South Bend Tribune. It's very cool.

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